Прикольно, не спорю. Легкое ощущение дежавю)

для пиндосов написал)))

такое чувство что кто то из за рубежа будет читать блогера который явно небескорыстно пишет такие текста) неужели вы думаете у вас есть такая аудитория?

Явная небескорыстность в чем проявляется, можно по пунктам, наглядно? Аудитория есть, безусловно.

Nokia and Symbian are the most powerful combinaiton

I agree with your point ,that Symbian is not outdated and can be polished more with few tweaks ,I stand for Symbian always . Nokia is a great technology leader and innovators ,no doubt ,still apple faces the charges against the pattens used from Nokia !

Thank you for putting into words what a lot of people around the world outside of the USA have been thinking and saying for a while now. Enough is enough. Time to put an end to their misinformation.

Thank you, spread the word. Information is the strongest weapon nowadays.

Wow, at least someone really wrote what i've been meaning to write.
I need to spread this link.
What u wrote is 100% true.
But u know Americans want us to use their products only, and well that ain't happenning for me.
General Motors is dead and removed in South Africa.
Americans will never promote what's never native to them no matter how good a product is, anyway Nokia will always lead, MeeGo will push it's sales to another level. Why switch to an American OS if they can do a perfect better one themselves?¡!?

I agree with what you have said. I haven't had enough experience with Android or iOS but to be honest I just could find a better specced smartphone than the Nokia N8. And I am more than happy with it. I get to listen to my music (and transmit the music to someone's car radio when I want), use the impressive camera for excellent photos and videos, use the gps, and of course as a phone. I like to tinker and change the settings to my preference. To add to that, the build quality is great. People can say what they want, but I'm happy to stay with Nokia. Thanks for a great post.

fantastic blog , Its media now which manipulate thing with such preconcieved and vested interest.US media has always been in the forefront in this. Sadly these are been taken blindly by medias of emerging countries like India.

...by cutting powerful SOCs out of their 5800 generation

You are so wrong at that, my friend. That was a long term investment, around 5 years of own ASIC development takes time to justify, one simply needs to sell hundreds of millions of phones based on it to reach planned return of investments. That is why even the last generation still uses it.
And by no means that was the main reason why they couldn't... do they deliver it now? HWA alone could not save 5800 or its descendants that actually have HW-accelerated graphics, but it is barely noticeable.

BTW, good points, all 16 of them ;)


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